How to get OSXvnc-keepalive running?

I have tracked down my problem where the OSXvnc-server is killed at logout and doesn’t restart.

My co-worker has OSXvnc-keepalive running after login. I only have OSXvnc-server running. So the keepalive is the magic. How do I make my Mac run this script at login?

Now, what I would really like to do is have this keepalive script run as at reboot, before a user logs in. If I understand everything I’ve read this will not be possible because a GUI has to be running before OSXvnc-server will run?

Thanks for your help!

This can be configured to do exactly what you are asking for if you use the “Start System Server” feature on the Startup Tab.

That will run at boot time and doesn’t require a GUI server - it will configure the boot time server with the current settings from the GUI. The only important caveat is that you will not have pasteboard access to/from the server in this mode.

Thank you Jonathan.

I know I tried this earlier and it didn’t work.

Just by the power of Jonathan saying it’s gonna work, it does.

-edj :slight_smile: