how to get data from buffer

I’m new to the Eggplant.
please advice how to get data from buffer, after I did below command:
TypeText ControlKey, “c”
actually, I copied row into buffer, consist of 3 values separated by spaces
I need to assign those values to the 3 variables


After moving to the field where you want to do the copy and paste, you can use this code

TypeText ControlKey, “a”
TypeText ControlKey,“c”
Put RemoteClipboard() into a–(a is the variable or container where you
want to save your text).

Hope it helps!!! )

To assign three values separated by spaces to three variables you can do this:

put each word of textVar into (a,b,c)

Or even do it directly from the remote clipboard:

put each word of the remoteClipboard into (a,b,c)