How to find out coordinates

Does anyone knows how to find out coordinates for use in eggplant scripts?

I am far away from beeing lazy but it bothers me to trial and error to find a coordinate. I would expect that there is some clever methode possibly already part of the eggplant software. Currently I am using green.

In an Eggplant script you can use the imagelocation function to obtain the coordinates of an item on the screen.

put imageLocation("someItem") into coordinates

In addition, a new “Cursor Location” toolbar item was also introduced in Eggplant version 4.0 for the Remote screen toolbar. This will display the coordinates of the mouse on the Remote screen when in Live mode. If you do not see this item on your toolbar you can add this item by customizing your toolbar.

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a new “Cursor Location” toolbar item

Perfect! That was exactly what I had hoped to be told. Enable this and you will be fine. :smiley:

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