How to extract text from a non editable field?

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I’m novice to Eggplant purple.

How can I extract text from a non editable field?

For example, in one of our applications, a unique ID is generated for each user. How can I fetch this ID from the id field and compare it with the user ID displayed in another window?

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There are quite a few possible approaches, depending on your situation.

If the text can be highlighted (not necessarily edited). Then you can highlight it and copy it to the clipboard. You can then access the Unicode value using the RemoteClipboard() function.

If the text is displayed on a Windows computer you can create a little script to use the inexpensive ScreenOCR tool to highlight the screen and “extract” the field.

If the text is displayed in the same way (same font, size and colors) then you could use the CaptureScreen command to dynamically capture an image and then search for it later.

There are some other more sophisticated pallete OCR approaches that can be used as well if none of the above works for you.l