How to execute on multiple machines?

I am wondering what is the best way to run distrubitive type tests using eggplant. Here is an example

System 1
(Dev enviorment)

System 2
(Mac PPC - Run tests here)

System 3
(MacTel - Run different tests here)

Currently we use perl scripts via the Terminal to call the command line eggplant to run on System 2. We are going to add system 3 and I need to know how to run the same set of test or a subset over there. I have the licenses (I think) to do this. I am concerned about the reports not being clear as to what system the results are from though.

Any thoughts?


Since you are starting these tests from the Unix command line, you could pass in a parameter to the runscript command indicating which system is being tested (see the -params option in the runscript documentation).

Then in your Eggplant script you could log that value so it is clearly identified at the begining of the run. If you need that information later, put it into a global variable, which you can then access at any time during the script run.

Sorry for the long delay. We’ve been busy over here. I just wanted to thank you for the response. I will give this a try once I get my other machine.