How to enter Long Press Key


I need to long press one text field. Then only it will be allowed to edit.

How to give Press and Hold Button on Eggplant



You may try adjusting the MouseClickDelay around that specific action. It will look something like this:

put the mouseclickdelay into MCD //stores the original value (.02 by default)
set the mouseclickdelay to .5
click "textfieldimage"
set the mouseclickdelay to MCD //restore the default setting

You can also try using a double-click or adjusting the doubleclickdelay in the same manner as my above example.

You can read about both the MouseClickDelay and MouseDoubleClickDelay in the eggPlant Reference manual.


Also, if you want to hold a button for an arbitrarily long time (like until an image appears). You can use the MouseButtonDown and MouseButtonUp commands to give you full control.