How to copy your captured image to somewhere using SenseTalk

If you have captured an image called “Screen” using Eggplant, it will go to the Images folder in that suite. Is there such command you can use in SenseTalk to copy that image file (Screen.tiff) to some other location?
Or do you just have to use the copy file command and give it a full path to the image file?

It would be nice if I can do something like this.

Click “Screen”
copy file “Screen” to “Documents”


If you use the captureScreen command to capture an image in a script, you can specify a full path for that image file:

captureScreen (name:"/full/path/to/screen.tiff")

If the image is captured by hand and is in the Images file of your suite, you can use a “copy file” command to copy it somewhere else:

set imageFolder to my folder's folder & "Images/"
set myImage to imageFolder & "someImage.tiff"
copy file myImage to folder "/full/path/to/folder/"

Does one of those give you what you want?

The second one is what I’ve been looking for.
It’s perfect!
Thank you very much.