How to connect VMware Windows 8?

I have EggPlant version 11.3 installed on my Mac machine. I have no problem connect to VMWare Windows XP and Windows 7 (64 bit) with real VNC installed. Recently I tried to connect to Windows 8 (64 bit) with Real VNC installed. When I try to connect, I input the Host IP address and port # 5900, I got following message: “The server is not configured with a supported authentication…”

Does anyone has same problem? Do I need to do anything special on my Real VNC or EggPlant?


Set the Encryption in the RealVNC server preferences to “Prefer off”. The server is trying to negotiate an encrypted connection, which is a proprietary protocol supported only when connecting from the RealVNC viewer. You should also set the Authentication to either None or VNC Password; the Windows NT Logon option is also RealVNC proprietary and not supported by eggPlant.

Note that for the purposes of using eggPlant, the free version of RealVNC is just as useful as the paid versions. The free version is a fully functional VNC server; the paid versions provide functionality that is only accessible when using the RealVNC Viewer/Server combination.

Yes. It works now.