how to comapre two images.....

How To Compare Two Images (Both are same).means how i get both the images tolerant value,size,pixels etc…like a movie is running after 30 minutes a image is captured.then close the movie and run the from starting again after same 30 minutes the image compare both images…are they same?how to check…plz share any code.need urgent

eggPlant is not designed to compare two captured images to each other and it actually has no capacity to do so. It’s meant to compare a captured image to a screen to see if the image appears there. So what you could do is capture an image from the video and then try to look for it when you run the video again:

put the result into videoCapture
// do something to run the video again
	WaitFor 31 minutes, videoCapture // this will look for the image the whole time the video is running
	LogError "Video capture image was not found"
end try

That’s about as close as I can come to scripting the sort of thing that you describe.