How to change result of script execution

Hi. Is it possible manually to return successes=“0” or “1” into LogFile.xml.
I need to return 0 if my script executed successful.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to be easy to change. The success, warning and error counts are internal properties and we always return at least 1 in the success count if the script passes.

As an alternative you might look at the errors to see if THOSE are 0 to consider it a pass.

Not knowing what you are trying to achieve with this its hard to give a solution but you could test for script results within eggPlant itself by using a master script that calls any test script:

RunWithNewResults “My test script”
put the result

the result will contain all the information if a script was successfull or not this can then be used to do other tasks or run specific scripts or update information in a dashboard etc etc

Thanks, I’have solved this. It needed me when in my script process two situation, if first situation should be successful result and if second not successful.
I’ve added LogError after second situation and reached desired.