How to call functions inside Repeat-loop from other script

Hi All,

Require a method to proceed in scripting. Following is the overview of the same:

I need to iterate a set of funtions in a script file based on the inputs present in a text file. Inputs are accepted from a text file and all the funtions are present in a separate script file in the same suite.

I tried calling all the funtions inside the “repeat” loop. But the scripts are encountering an exception when the functions search for any image, saying - cannot open the image file :thedata.
My script looks something like below:

Script 1:

Start using “Script 2”

repeat with thedata = each line of file “input.txt”
statement 1.
statement 2.
end repeat

Stop using “Script 2”

Script 2:

funtion function1
if ImageFound(item 1 of thedata)

end if
return stmt
end function1

funtion function2

end function2

Is it possible to script in the above way :?: If not so, please suggest any alternative to code the above :!:

Your function and script do not share the same variables. Therefore, you need to pass “theData” read in from your “input.txt” file to “function1” as a parameter.

In addition, you cannot invoke a function as:


A function must be invoked as part of an expression:

put function1() 

I would recommend that you write your functions as “to handlers”. This way, you can invoke them as either functions or handlers.

That is:


start using "Script2"
repeat with thedata = each line of file "input.txt"



to function1(data)

    if imageFound(item 1 of data)

    end if
end function1