How to call functions from another script

How to call functions from another script

I want to use the functions which used in other script in same suite.

Can anybody help me

This question was also submitted and answered via email. Including that answer here for completeness:

There are several options syntactically for running a function or command located in a second script. I’ll assume the script is called X and the function is called A(); to call the function from script Y, you could do any of the following:

put X.A(3,4)
put X's A(3,4)
put A of X with (3,4)
put [X A:3,4]

You can use whichever syntax is the easiest for you to remember or which feels the most natural to you. If you want to make a separate script for the function and the function is again called “A()” as above, then you would create a script called “A.script" and its contents could be like either of the below:

function A var1, var2
	return var1 plus var2
end A

or just

params var1, var2

return var1 plus var2

You could then call the function by calling the script:

put A(3,4)

Hi Matt,

For calling the script from another suite I am using below command,

I have a suite named as Test3.suite
I am using another suite

Run “C:\Automation\Test2.suite”

But I want to use Function Download (var1,var2) from Login.script of Test2.suite

How can I write the command for the above query ?

Sorry for the delay. Never saw this post until now.

The best approach is to set Test2.suite as a Helper of Test3.suite. Then you can just call your function like this:

put Login.Download("val1", "val2")

Run “C:\Automation\Test2.suite”

This code wouldn’t do anything. You can’t run a suite; you can only run scripts.