How to abort eggplant script by using command line

Hi, I want to stop the running script or stop the eggplant by using command line, how can I do?


By the way, can I stop the running eggplant process by command line?

You can launch Eggplant by CLI with the Eggplant runscript command. You may terminate any process by using the UNIX command ‘kill procID’; where procID is the unique process identification number assigned to every process spawned/forked in the OS X environment. For more information, ‘man kill’, and also visit this link

As a side note, you could use the following sensetalk code to interact with the command line interface asking for, getting, and echoing someone’s name. Alter this script segment and run with Eggplant’s ‘runscript’ command to ask for and retrieve information interactively with a user/scripter during execution of a script.

Set the CommandLineOutput to On
write "Enter your name: " to stdout
read into aName one line from stdin
write "Your name is " & words 1 to -1 of aName & return

You may want to also know about the Eggplant runningFromCommandLine() function which returns true when the current script run was initiated from the Unix command line, or false when it was started from within the Eggplant user interface. These and other details are located in the Eggplant and Sensetalk Reference manuals, as well as the Release Notes available to all our customers either online or in the Eggplant.dmg disc image.

Starting with Eggplant 4.01 you can actually abort an individual script by sending an abort signal:

kill -ABRT #