How do I make Eggplant look at my secondary monitor?

I’m trying to use an external monitor hooked up to a PB G4 (I have lots of them in my lab). The thing is, I need to test at the monitor resolution of 1280X1024, not at the Powerbook’s screen resolution of 1440X960.

Can I get away with hooking up the monitors to the PBs and making EP look at the secondary display somehow? That would be very cool if I could.

Thanks in advance


Since VNC will display the primary display, you need to set your external monitor as the primary in your display preferences. Goto Sys Prefs > Displays > Arrangement and drag the menu bar to the appropriate display. That should make the external the primary.

I tried this, but with strange results. It seems that the viewer is looking at the laptop, but controling the secondary monitor. So, it sees a blank screen and - therefore - doesn’t find anything to interact with. But, if I move an application widow to the PowerBook screen, enter live mode, and then move that window, stuff in the other (external) monitor move around! It seems the location is mapped to the designated primary, but the image is not. It looks cool, but I’m a little confused here.

If you didn’t restart Vine Server after changing the primary display then you should definitely do that, I don’t think it will automatically notice and pick up the display shift.

Ended up rebooting all services and that worked it out. Still… I sort of liked the first result. :lol:
Thanks for all the help.