How do I integrate java file into eggplant

Hi test plant team.

I have a java file which I have to integrate with eggplant script.
Is this possible to integrate with eggplant !

Thanks in advance
… Fords

What exactly do you mean by “integrate with”? What does the Java program do and what are you trying to do with eggPlant?

If the Java program is itself used for testing something, then it sounds like you might want to run eggPlant in Drive mode. This allows you to run eggPlant commands from another tool or language using XMLRPC calls.

Hi Mat,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually , I want to see logs in one HTML page. So, that I have created one jave html page.

Once the execution of eggplant is completed then automatically I want to call the java html file. This will generate one html file in results suite.

So, I asked you to call the java file.

Please help me