How can i get a license for eggplant

I am a new user for eggPlant, i download the eggplant in its website.
But i don’t have a license for it, just a Host ID when it is opend.
Then i fill in the contents in this website : and click “Get My Free Trial” button, then it switch to

In this website i don’t know where and how can i get a license for trial, please help me ,thanks very much!

Hi jimwan–

If you filled out the form, you will be contacted by one of our account managers who will assist you with getting set up with the trial.


i just fill in the fake phone number, why does it need contact with number. Can we get the license from other path such as email and so on?

We don’t do unmanaged trials. We like to ascertain your needs and requirements and set up an appointment for a product demo. There’s no other method by which we provide trial keys. Resubmit your request with a valid phone number and someone will contact you.