How can I click (automate) SHow-Hide-Tell kind of game?

Please see the attachment with how users would paly the game… COuld anyone know how to automate this kind of game?

With a solid white center and a given outline silhouette of the butterfly’s to be found, you would want to capture a rectangle outside of the silhouette. Then use something like GraphicConverter (or photoshop) to edit with transparency the entire outside area of the butterfly. Eggplant honors the transparency (alpha) channel of images allow for various backgrounds to occur while finding the image in question.

Using the EveryImageLocation() function of Eggplant, you can then locate wherever the images are, and whatever number of them there are on the screen. If they overlap, that is going to be a problem, as the image to be found will be that of the butterfly single, not variations of the butterfly over each other. You may be able to use the Discrepancy variable of a image find (ImageName: ButterFlyTransparent, Discrepancy: X%) where the value of X will vary depending on the amount of overlap. My guess is that this won’t work reliably though for the many variations of overlap that could occur. Again, game play and rules, rendering and such would be helpful to know, either by seeing the game online or by having rules of game play at hand.

The best thing to do is experiment, and try things and post your results. Different approaches to different situations are appropriate, yet fundamentally the knowledge of how to use Eggplant for game verification is not a lot different than using Eggplant and SenseTalk for all applications of verification.