how are is your QA team testing Flash websites

Many of the automation tools are unable to test flash sites, fully - a few can click around, but don’t verify the content images, or able to use the search or submit forms.

Is your QA team testing manually or with automated tools?

So far as we know, Eggplant is the only tool available that can perform any automated testing of Flash-based sites. So most people would have to be testing their sites manually; however, we encourage them and you to take a look at Eggplant and see how it can save you time.

Eggplant can certainly use a search facility and enter and submit data into forms. And Eggplant is the only tool that I’m aware of that not only can verify the images, but is built on the concept of verifying the appearance of an application at every step.

In my experience, you may find that you need to adjust some of the Run Options settings in the Eggplant preferences to make the scripts run reliably – Flash seems to like mouse clicks and typing to be fairly deliberate actions (that is to say, slow by Eggplant standards).

Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Matt Hicks (aka, EggplantMatt)

Hi Matt Hicks,

I am new to this tool and trying to explore if Eggplant suits our requirement. Below is my query:

Can you please let me know if we can use the Eggplant tool to automate the flash objects… like an swf playing in a html website. I want to test if the flash object is playing and see if all the contents are shown correctly.

Please let me know if this possible using this tool…If yes, please send us some basic info so that I can take it from that point.

Do let me know if you have any questions / suggestions.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile: ,
AVP Mahesh

Yes, Eggplant can automate and test Flash applications in the same way that it tests other applications – by interacting directly with the user interface. Eggplant can verify the display of a Flash object as long as it remains “still” on the screen for a short time (basically, anything that is not a movie or active animation can be reliably validated). And Eggplant can type, click, and drag to interact with the Flash application just like a user would.

To learn more, please explore the information here on our website, or download Eggplant and give it a try. If you have other specific questions, please feel free to post them here or write directly to support (at) redstonesoftware (dot) com.

Whether Eggplant can be used for Load testing?
Pls let me know how to load test Flash menus(faceted navigation) websites with Eggplant.


Yes, Eggplant can definitely be used for load testing. The Eggplant approach is different from most other “load testing” tools. Other tools generally apply a simulated load on a server by creating data-stream connections to the server and conducting data-level interactions as fast as the server can process them.

Eggplant, on the other hand, can be used to generate multiple streams of true user-level sessions that interact with the server through the actual user interface. This provides “true user experience testing” that can tell you exactly how responsive the user interface is under various load situations. This is critical for most web-based applications, since the bottom line measure of performance is usually whether the app responds to users within a reasonable time.

To generate a load testing scenario that provides true user experience testing under conditions of very heavy load, you may want to consider using Eggplant to drive multiple real-user interactions along with a simulated-load tool to apply additional pressure to the server at the same time.

I’m not familiar with what you mean by “Flash menus(faceted navigation)” but one of the great advantages of using Eggplant for load testing is that you can use exactly the same scripts that were developed for performing functional or regression tests. If you are currently using Eggplant for validating the functionality of your application, you can perform load tests with the same scripts by simply running those scripts on multiple instances of Eggplant at the same time.