Helpful Code for determining TIG properties

Just thought this code might be useful for people using TIG and who want to determine what font and size is used. You can easily modify what platform and style that is used and add any text image properties like color of background. You can also change the fonts and sizes tested. This is what I normally do when trying to determine the best properties for TIG.

One thing to note is to check the imagelocation just to make sure it is found in the right location. If things like Tolerance are to high then sometimes it will find the text where it isn’t. So far 30 seems the most reliable to me.

set fonts to ("Microsoft Sans Serif", "Verdana","Arial Black","Arial","Courier New","Tahoma","Comic Sans MS","Impact","Trebuchet MS","Georgia","Times New Roman", "Helvetica", "Impact")
set cnt to 1 
set size to (7,7.25,7.5,7.75,8,8.25,8.5,8.75,9,9.25)
repeat with textfont = each item of fonts 
	repeat with  each textsize  of size
		If ImageFound((Text:"Microsoft Excel", TextPlatform:"Common", TextStyle:"TestMenu", Tolerance:30, TextSize:textsize, TextFont:textfont, TextBackgroundColor:"White", Trim:true)) then 
			log "FOUND"
			log textsize
			log textfont
			log FoundImageLocation()
			log "not Found"
		end if 
	end repeat 
	set cnt to cnt + 1
end repeat