Hardware recommendation

I would like to purchase a Mac server and install Vine Server on it so that some of our employees can each have an independant, concurrent Mac OS X Lion session running on their Windows desktop. I understand they’d first have to each log in to the server, and each user session would need its own Vine Server instance running on a different port.

I haven’t purchased the server yet, so can anyone give me some advice as to what server hardware to buy? I’d like to support between 3-6 concurrent users doing iOS development with Xcode and the iPhone/iPad simulator.

With this type of usage, is a Mac Mini Server enough? Or should we go with a Mac Pro Server? What specs would you guys recommend?

Hi rrc7cz.

Any Mac will be suitable to perform the testing that you require. One thing i will say is that the Mac Pro is due for an updated version very soon and so you might hold back before buying one of these and wait for the upgrade to come. Here is a link to a forum that discusses pending releases of Mac hardware.


I hope this helps and thanks for using eggPlant!

One thing that you should be aware of (and check into). Is that the iPhone simulator seems to have trouble when run in an off-screen user account.

If that usage is important to you then you should test running the latest simulator in an off-screen view and accessing it through VNC.