Hang during runs (Force Quit Required)

I often see eggplant (v3.2) hang when I am running in debug mode. It doesn’t seem consistant and I have to force quit out. Have any of you out there seem something similar?


Hi Charles,

When this happens please take a process sample. Your sample will greatly enhance our chance of fixing the issue.

Process samples can be obtained with the “Activity Monitor” (located under Utilities).
Once presented with the list of processes:

1.) Select the Eggplant process
2.) Click inspect.
3.) Click sample.
4.) Save the sample and send to bugreports@redstonesoftware.com along with a brief description of what triggered the condition.


This happens to be me many times . Especially today, i had to force quit 5-6 time already.



okay next time I’ll try to remember to get a process sample for you guys.

eggplant had to be forced quit again.i have emailed the sample that you asked for like u mentioned in your earler email.


We believe that we have found and corrected the cause of this hang. It will be fixed in the forthcoming release of Eggplant.

We believe that most occurrences of this bug can be avoided by making sure that Eggplant has Animate: Calls or Animate: All enabled. You can do this from the menu by just choosing Run -> Animate -> Animate: Calls.

Eggplant should persist this preference for your user account across runs of Eggplant. If you experience any more Hangs with Animate enabled then please send us the sample.