Handling special mouse click needs

I’m not sure if Eggplant can do this already, but…

I work with a couple of applications that require a special type of mouse click.

Basically, you need to left click, and then right click immediately after. The two have to happen in about 1/4 of a second of each other for it to trigger what I need it to. When I try a click command followed by a right-click command, it doesn’t happen fast enough for the system to catch it properly.

Is there someway to define custom mouse actions? If not, is there anything else I can do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You’ll need to temporarily change the Remote Work Interval. This is a built-in delay between events sent to the remote system that keeps Eggplant from outpacing the SUT. So, you’d want to do something like this:

put the RemoteWorkInterval into RWI
set the RemoteWorkInterval to .1
Click "someImage"
set the RemoteWorkInterval to RWI

Awesome. I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Thanks alot.