Handler too large or complex

Hey, we are running a script that is a little over 38000 lines long, and when we try and run the script either directly through Eggplant or with a runscript command we get the following error, “Handler too large or complex” and Eggplant locks up. Is there anyway around this or is there a size limit with the scripts? The way we are doing it right now is to break the script into 2 seperate scripts and call the second one, but the scripts are being generated so it slows the process down. Thanks!!

Hello, dm42–

Unfortunately, there is no way to override that limit. Your best way would be to devise a scheme of dividing your script into several smaller ones. There is a 32,767 line limit per handler (not necessarily per script). You could modify your script generation to create several handlers and call them. Here’s a “wireframe” for using handlers:

//main script

//script handlers
to chunk1
//do chunk1 stuff
end chunk1

to chunk2
//do chunk2 stuff
end chunk2

to chunk3
//do chunk1 stuff
end chunk3

However, your initial solution may be the simplest, dividing into individual scripts might be the best solution.