Handle slight changes in color?

In one of my scripts I am checking the color of an indicator boxto be
green, orange, yellow, red etc.

There have been minor changes to the RGB values of the colors since the script was written. For example the orange was 255,128,0 now the same indicator color maps to 255,130,0. The application did not change but the operating system was patched and a new Java version was loaded.

Is there a setting I can use to allow slight changes to the RGB values to be valid?

The Tolerant search type is very forgiving of changes in color. At it’s default setting, your image would be matched if it’s color was anywhere between 255,173,45 and 210,183,0. So the changes that you are talking about should not be a problem at the default settings. If that is too Tolerant, you can adjust the tolerance either in the eggPlant preferences or in the code itself.