hacked password

It seems my vnc password has been hacked on my OSX server. After forgetting to log out of my server, I found an open terminal window and some renamed folders. I unplugged from the network and changed the password to random letters, this morning there was a rude message on my login screen.

Is there a better way to lock it down? The new password was cracked a little to quickly for my comfort. If I enable ssh can I tunnel in?


One thing to double check, make sure that if you are running a System Server that you also changed THAT password (by hitting Start System Server on the Startup tab after modifying the configuration).

Yes, we highly encourage using SSH to tunnel in, SSH tunnel integration is directly included in our commercial Vine Viewer client for Mac. From a PC you can use something like PuTTY to create the tunnel and connect with any other VNC client. If you do that you can check the “Only allow local connections (require SSH)” flag that will ONLY allow SSH connections to be made.