Grabbing delimited text from RemoteClipboard()

I’m trying to grab the text from a table that, when copied to the RemoteClipbard(), is delimited by tabs. The problem I’m finding is that, if there is a blank ‘column’, the counting skips it and gives me the next value. Position is important for this, so how do I tell it to not ignore blanks?

That is:


If I use:
put word 3 delimited by tab of RemoteClipboard(),

I get ‘val4a’ in the first line. But I want that value only if I’m getting ‘word 4’.

Try using

put item 3 delimited by tab of RemoteClipboard()

A word consists of non-delimiter characters, so if your 3rd value is empty, it won’t be considered a word. An item is whatever is between the delimiters, which can include nothing.

That did it! Thanks!