GitHub mandatory 2FA

For those using DAI / EPF’s GitHub integration, I’m curious how you’ve accounted for Github’s mandatory shift to 2-factor authentication. (Or, if you also still need to set it up, perhaps we can work towards a solution together).

Some background in case the context is useful getting a convo started:

  • One-man EP shop w limited resources.
  • My own personal GH acct (not used for work) is already tied to my cell
  • My org pays for a few GH accounts.
  • 1 acct = I develop and push changes
  • 1 acct = DAI pulls latest repo instance to run its tests
  • Neither acct currently tied to a phone #

I briefly looked into Google Authenticator, but of course it requires that you tie to a Google account (with in turn requires an associated phone #).

Hoping to find a secure solution without having to invest a ton of time on research / trial + error.

Any advice GREATLY appreciated!

Hi Dan,

I have had 2FA turned on for some time in GitHub, and I have not had any issues using it with GitHub Desktop or other Git GUI tools. I would recommend that you generate a token, and that should resolve your issue. Managing your personal access tokens - GitHub Docs

Let me know if this works for you.