Getting OS X and WIN Machines to communicate consistently

Hello - using the trial version of Eggplant - like what I see so far! Having a network issue getting the OS X and Windows boxes to talk to each other consistently.

Basically, the issue is that I cannot get our OS X box to ping consistently the other windows machines on our network. Once in a while it starts working (don’t really know why, its like it finishes a time out every xx minutes or something) but as soon as I launch eggplant, I can no longer ping and thus the VNC connection will not work. After a while of sitting and doing nothing (5-10 minutes maybe?) the ping will start working and if Eggplant is currently running, I can use the tool.

From the OS X box, I can always ping our router and server, and I can always get on the net. I can always use netstat -nr and see the IP address of the Windows machine I am trying to connect to. But pinging other windows machines (where the SUT resides) is inconsistent at best.

OS X 10.4.7 Dual 2 Ghz PowerPC G5

So… anyone got some ideas? Thanks…

-Mike Salisbury
QA & Support Manager


Do you have any anti-virus software that might be mistaking VNC as a potential threat? If so, try disabling your virus software to see if that helps.

Are you on a VPN? If so, try adjusting your MTU. You can read more details on this here: