Get Remote System Information

Hi, is there any function that can get remote system’s(system under test) info and memory, I want to write it to result file. Thanks!

SystemInfo() and SystemVersion() can only get local system info.

To get information about the remote system, you’ll generally have to use normal Eggplant automation techniques to invoke whatever utility provides that information on the SUT. Some utilities provide a way to write the information out to a file, which you could then read in your script.

For example, on a Mac SUT, your script could choose “About This Mac” from the Apple menu and then click the “More Info…” button to bring up the System Profiler application. The script could then invoke System Profiler’s options for saving information to a file. If you mount the remote file system across the network the script could then read the saved file locally using SenseTalk’s file access mechanisms, and extract the information you need from it.

A similar approach should work on other systems.