Geometry option?


I’m new to Vine and am using it to control my Mac desktop with a very large screen from my MacBook Pro.

On other VNC servers, there is a command line option, -geometry, that sets the screen size seen by the client. It can be something other, usually smaller, than the physically connected display. (This is different than scalling the large display down, which I see how to do in the client.)

I can’t find a similiar thing in Vine. Am I looking right at it somewhere and not seeing it?



Unlike UNIX based VNC servers Vine Server works by showing the existing display (rather than a newly created virtual desktop). As such the screen size is controlled by the Mac OS and there isn’t currently a way to specify the size to display from Vine Server.

We have it on our feature request list to specify a “set to this size” when a user connects. That will message the OS to resize the screen, but keep in mind that it’s the same screen that is connected to the monitor so existing windows will get pushed around, etc. Functionally it’s not much better than setting the size yourself (from System Preferences) but when trying to connect to your BIG monitor from a low-band connection it can be nice for that to trigger without the delay of the initial screen.

Thanks for the near-instantaneous reply!