Generic examples....

Hi and thanks for having this forum available to us…

I am by no means a programmer but in the past have learned to write shell scripts by looking at single and multiple scripts and refering to the MAN pages when I get stumped. I am eager to get things going and have no idea how to fully properly structure a script and a test suite with eggplant. I would like to see if possible someone upload a small suite used to test an HTML page ( the test subject is not important it’s the code examples themselves --not the images) I would be looking at real examples verses just what is in the reference manual to learn good programming techniques and how others are using this cool software.

I have so far about 100 small scripts which I call from a main script as many of these items are reused and save me time but its the added logic and how its used that tends to get me in the end. :wink:

Kel Atwell

Hi, Kel:

Thanks for the request. We do plan to put up more examples of varying complexity. Are there any specific scripting problems that you’ve encountered that you’d like examined here? We’re happy to take requests.

In the “Suggestions For Examples” catagory, I’m working on a script that will read property lists from external test data files. I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far with property lists but haven’t quite gotten the correct combination to work using external files. I was planning on adding a fourth folder within the suite called Data that hopefully won’t cause other issues. If you already have an example of this or can whip one up, please do.

For my proof-of-concept, I’m just doing three lines of data with each line containing two pair of property:value data. This data will end up TypeText’d into SUT fields. Eventually I’ll add a few lines of comments at the beginning of the data file that the script will log as test information.

Many thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bruce