Generate a Message Window from SUT

I have a script that is running but it requires me to perform an action away from the SUT.

Is there a way to write the script so that it

  1. pauses,
  2. sends a message to me that it is ready for me to perform an action, and
  3. sees that the action was performed and continues?

If not, is there a way to just do step 2?

Sending an email message is easily done. We don’t have built-in support for SMS or IM messages (although you could make the SUT perform such an action).

As far as waiting for confirmation to proceed the easiest thing would be looking for a visual indicator on the SUT that the action has been performed. If nothing visual happens there you could hit a URL to check a status (or something along those lines).

Not really looking for email or SMS, more like a message from the SUT (similar to the error message window that appears or the image not found window). Just something to get my attention and remind me to perform the action.

How would I script that?

Oh, check out the answer command, which does precisely what you were looking for. Or if you want to choose from a few options at the time the ask command.

answer "time to do the thing"

PERFECT! Exactly what I was looking for