Frameworks for Eggplant

One more question. There are two of us using Eggplant at my company, and we were wondering how all of you out there were setting up your framework for using eggplant, especially those of you that have more than one developer on the team. What kinds of conventions are you using for naming images, scripts, etc.

We’re in the process of defining our framework so that we can maximize the efforts of the two of us.



Provided that you have enough time to restructure your scripts, I would recommend that you generate your tests from a model. There is a very good write up on Model Based testing if you go here:

The essence of model based testing is to describe an application’s behavior in terms of a model that can be converted into a format that an automation tool such as Eggplant can read: a state table in Excel for example.

It is then up to you and your team to implement a suitable set of algorithms that can traverse the model. These algorithms can then be used to exercise different portions of your application(s).