Font change in application running in SUT

The Font of the application (running on SUT) has been changed. No idea how it happened. Our application has been made no change in font. The reply that I received from Testplant Technical Support that, there is no change that eggPlant will do/has done in this context, it’s with SUT only. I am shocked that how the font will suddenly change. Did I make any changes anywhere in eggPlant, because I can’t trace out what I did, though I am sure that I have not made any change.

Please need help, quick.

Bhabani :shock:

Hello Bhabani,

Have you looked at the SUT to see what settings might have changed that would affect the font?
It is possible that the ClearType settings have been changed if you are testing against a Windows machine. If you go into Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization> Fonts>Adjust ClearType Text, you’ll see a page that allows you to toggle the ClearType on or off.

If you would like, please send the following to TestPlant Support, and we can run some diagnostic tests and provide more specific feedback regarding this issue:

  • A full resolution screenshot of the SUT at the time of the image search failure. (Please note that eggPlant Functional takes one of these automatically, and it is saved alongside your results, so you can send that.)
  • The captured image that you have saved in eggPlant Functional

Thanks! Happy testing!

Thank You, Elizabeth for your time and reply. I have sent an email with mentioned details. Please let me know what could be done to overcome this issue.