Folder Missing After Adding

Hey guys–

Didn’t seem to find a post about this when searching. If I add a nested folder in the suite window under images, it doesn’t show up until I close and open the suite window again:

  1. Click the image tab of a suite
  2. Click the New Folder button and add a folder. It shows up
  3. Click the New Folder button again and add a folder inside the first. For me, it doesn’t show up until the suite window is reopened.

(Eggplant 4.12, MBP (2007) running 10.5.6)

Is there a magic refresh command that I’m missing?



I’m not seeing this issue, Allen. I’m running the same version of Eggplant and OS. You’re clicking the disclosure triangle to expand the folder, right?

In the suite I’m working with, the disclosure triangle’s already expanded.

Are there any other conditions that have to be met for this problem to appear? No existing folders or no images or something? What are your folder names? I restarted Eggplant and tried again and it’s still working fine for me.

Could the fact that the suite folder is read only play into this? Or perhaps the number of folders? For some reason Eggplant is not updating the folder tree. I’ll zip up the suite and send it to you.



Yes, that’s the right address.

Actually, if the Suite folder is completely read-only, I’d say that’s the problem. I don’t even see how Eggplant should be able to create folders when the suite is read-only by everyone. It does create the folders, but there are some display issues. Set the suite to be read & write by yourself and those problems should go away.

I have seen this problem with folders and images as well. Sometimes the suite just won’t update until I close eggplant and relaunch. I have also seen this issue when trying to delete images.