First Time User

I m the first time user of eggplant.

Currently this is what has been done -

We have installed Eggplant & VNC Server on the same machine, for e.g X.
On X, we have created another user called Y. X is admin user.

From X user, Eggplant -->Connection Menu, we connected to Y.
The eggplant did open up window but there were lot of windows that got opened. It was same window within the window, which is viewer window.

We had thought of Y being our SUT, i.e. the application being on Y user.

Can you help me in setting up Eggplant?


The problem is that you’re connecting to the VNC Server running on the same account (X). What you’ll need to do is log in as user Y using Fast User Switching, start Vine Server there, then switch back to user X and connect to it. That should do just what you want.

There are more detailed instructions on this here:

You’ll find while fast user switching is a very valuable feature when using eggplant, it can lead to some configuration issues.

Keep good notes on the environment for each “user” and at the least use descriptive names for each login ( if you can run without passwords until the test enviornment is debugged, logging in to each user gets really annoying after a while.)

if you can, run against a target computer for the first couple of days, it really speeds up script debugging in the beginning. Once you have things humming, you can turn it loose on a single machine

That will save you quite a bit of frustration.

For fast switch a fast system is needed. I had very good results with a g5 dual, but some timing adjustments for scripts was required under the more cpu intensive testing.

Hardware is a bit faster these days so if you have a really really fast mac
(like a quad)…should be no problems at all.

Thanks a lot. We were able to get going.

One more question - To have multiple SUTs, is this a valid solution -

  1. Have one user per SUT with VNC Server installed on each user.
  2. From Eggplant connect to different SUTs.

If the above is right, when two persons login simultaneously, will Eggplant allow each user to test their own SUTs? or should I have separate Eggplant & SUT with VNC setup for each user?

Again, thanks for helping me out.

I’ve done exactly that, had multiple fast switch users on a single cpu with Ep connecting to each in turn. Handy to avoid dealing with some environmental issues. That’s where the advice for no passwords and careful notes comes in. Treat each fast switch/sut as an independent platform.

Keep in mind that eggplant can only be connected to one SUT at a time, but you can hand off control during an extended process to another sut, timing needs to be observed. For example, if you start a file save process that is lengthly, as soon as the progress dialog appears you can switch off to a second sut and begin a new routine…

Of course if you have the correct license you can run multiple command line interfaces and test concurrently

Again, if you are off the main network you can forgo passwords, makes the setup much easier in the beginning. May want to hone your skills on calls and lists so you can inject a login routine to your script after you get it dialed in and running smoothly. You really do want to use passwords all around to protect system integrity, but you don’t want security getting in the way of the initial results you surely crave.

After the concept is proven, tighten things up.

With a little study you can create a password routine that calls data from a file for each sut and enters the appropriate password for each.

Have fun…testing can be tedious work at times, so keeping it simple applies more then ever during the early days. Plenty of time for polish later on…and oh yes…comment, comment comment in your code that helps when you want to keep the process clear like water…and cool like ice…:slight_smile: