First Post - Some Questions regarding Eggplant

Hi All,

This is my first post here.Working as a Blackbox QA Engineer who has been recently told to look into Macintosh Automation using Eggplant. Here are my questions :-

I was just testing Eggplant getting to know it better and here is what I did :- On the Desktop I have an alias of TextEdit. The script that i wrote was to launch TextEdit through the alias,type some words in it and then save the file and quit out of the application. I captured the image of the alias and the script runs OK. But whenever I move the alias to some other part of the Desktop the Script fails saying it is not able to find the image of the Alias. I expect to place the alias anywhere on the Desktop as Eggplant will only search for the image!

Running Eggplant on a 2-user,single machine setup.One user is the SUT and the other is the client on which Eggplant is running.

My second Question is why does not Red Stone Software provide Test applications along with Eggplant. Like the VerySimple application i saw in one of the Eggplant learning videos.It would be great to have a simple application which we can use to learn Eggplant on. Segue provides such applications with SilkTest and so does Mercury with WinRunner.

Cheers !

The problem with the TextEdit icon is most likely that you’ve captured some of the desktop background along with the icon. You can fix this problem either by capturing a smaller image that is limited to the central part of the icon, or by setting your desktop to a solid color so it won’t matter if you capture a little bit of the background color.

Thanks for the suggestion on providing a test application for learning purposes. Now that it’s possible (on Mac OS X Tiger) to run tests against another user on the same machine, as you are doing, providing such an application with accompanying tutorials is a more practical possibility than it was in the past. We’ll consider doing something like that in future, and appreciate the feedback.

Hi Doug,

I will have to give this a try later on and will let you know if it works.

I will have to say that Eggplant is a very easy Automation tool to learn.I was able to automate some test cases within 5 minutes of launching the Application for the first time.I am yet to discover what all it can do… Will post here if I face any problems.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Doug,

That did work ! Thanks !

Sorry for the late response.