Finding part of an image

Using text images, I generate a full image. Sometimes only part of the image is visible, like in combo box with a horizontal scroll bar. Is there a way to find an image when only part of the image is visible?

There’s nothing built in to Eggplant that would allow the sort of partial match that you’re describing. If you can anticipate this issue then you could do something like this:

if anyImageFound((text:"MyFullString"), (text:"MyFullStr")) then
      Click FoundImageLocation()
end if

It’s not a perfect solution, but I think it might work for you. You’d need to determine how many characters to put in the partial string.

Is there a built in function to return a substring, like the 10 left most characters?

You can say

put the first 6 characters of "laskdf lakfjdslkfjds"

or in terms of the previous sample code

if imageFound((text: the first 6 characters of "laskdf lakfjdslkfjds")) then...

Great, thanks, I will give it a try!