Find all references to an image in ALL scripts in a suite?

Feature Request:

I just did a dumb thing and captured an image, saved it with the same name as an existing image in my suite, and like a dummy hit the return key to “Replace” the existing image.

It would be very nice if there was a way to search for all references of an image within a suite so I could easily see what I just messed up. And it would also be very nice if there was a way within Eggplant to see what images in a suite are NOT being used by any of the scripts in that suite - so they can be deleted.

Thank You,


Hi, Brad:

We don’t currently have an easy way of searching all the scripts in a suite, but there’s a script in the Examples forum that identifies the unused images in a suite (see ). Bear in mind that “unused” only means that there’s no reference to them by a script in the suite – they could still be used by a script in some other suite.

A script similar to this one could probably be written to perform the search and return the names of scripts that contain the search term.