Feature Requests - Bug fixes

I’m curious as to the status of a fix for the bug where the applicatoin does not know that it has automatically started.

I’m also curious to know the status of multiple monitor support.


We don’t necessarily consider it a bug that the OSXvnc app doesn’t link up with a server set to start on login. We did add some language to make it more clear if you try to launch a server on the same port. But it’s perfectly acceptible to have the startup server launch on one port and then to have a user launch a separate server on another. Some people do this to have a server that allows control and one that’s view only. Also some people are taking advantage of this to get around some problems we have with Fast User Switching. We’ll consider this a vote for joining the GUI application and startup item (or at least providing an option to do that).

Multiple monitor support has some basic work done on it (it can display other monitors but mouse events aren’t properly translated). The original plan was to have different servers run to provide access to multiple screens - that may still be the approach we will take but we are also considering a “full screen” that covers all the monitors. You can experiment with the current implementation by launching the server with -display # (Give it no number for a list of displays)


Thanks for the reply. As far as it not recognizing that the service is started, this seems different than 1.3 and earlier implementations that I had OSXvnc installed.

I have to say I am looking forward to using the multiple monitor support with a “full screen” implementation like standard windows vnc as well.

Thanks for the update.


Let me start by saying thanks for your help once again. I am running 10.2.8 with OSXvnc 1.33. I have modified the OSXvnc item in /Library/StartupItems/

I tried entering -display. Unfortunately not entering a number does not prompt me for a display which would have been ideal.

-display 1 shows me display one, unfortunately, showing the second screen only doesn’t do me any more good than showing the first screen only. How do I get two processes running that will be one for each display?

I have also tried setting each display to a different port via the GUI and this just launches two sessions for the first display.

Well, I’m still in the club that really wants everything on one screen and one port, but am just trying to find something that works for now.


You can only run one server using the GUI (let’s have that serve the main screen on port 5900). So basic - vanilla configuration

Then in a terminal go ahead and launch the second display on port 5901 (-display 1 -rfbport 5901 -disableRemoteEvents).

Now assuming your client allows multiple sessions (which most do these days). Connect one to port 5900 and another to 5901, place them side by side and viola! You should have a semi - functional multiheaded VNC, with the unfortunate caveat that the second screen doesn’t process events.