Feature Request: SSH compression and more...


I’ve been using VNC remotely over broadband connections and through firewalls for quite some time. I frequently find that connection responsiveness is greatly enhanced by just allowing SSH to compress the connection.

A typical command line for tunneling into a server for me would be.

ssh -C -L 5900: me@myfirewall.com

Since Vine does such a good job of managing connection state and status (reconnecting when needed). I’d love to either see a checkbox that would enable compression or a text field that would allow me to alter the SSH command string.

For example this is a typical connection for me through my work firewall.

ssh -p 2222 -C -X -2 -L 5900:linuxbox:5900 -L 8080:intranetwebserver:80 -L 3389:windowsbox:3389 me@firewall
(actually this is simplified)

-p = port (non-standard)
-C = compression
-X = X11 forwarding
-L = port forwarding of 5900:VNC, 3389:RDP, 8080:HTTP
-2 = force SSH2

An option to force SSH2 would be good as well for those people connecting to OSX boxes that still have SSH1 enabled.

Those are some great suggestions and we’ll look at which ones make the most sense to add to the basic interface or to the preferences.

For your particular needs I think you’ll be glad to know that inside the Vine Viewer application there is a config file that is used to establish the SSH tunnel. Found at Vine Viewer.app/Contents/Resources/ssh_config.

Modifying that should allow you to explicitly specify those settings.