feature request: Edit: Find command enhancement

I would like to request that the Edit: Find command be enhanced in Eggplant.

If you are trying to do a multi-line or long string Find/Replace using the current Edit: Find String: Replace With: command you are limited to fields that are only ONE line in depth.

If you are doing a multiline Find/Replace or a long string Find/Replace this is quite limiting since you cannot see what you finding and replacing.

For example:

Find String:

wait 5
TypeText “this is cool”

Replace With:

wait 5
TypeText “this could be cooler”

will only show

wait 5

wait 5

in the two fields - which isn’t too helpful.



Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll put this on the list of user-requested features, but it will probably be a while before you see a change like this. The main reason for this is that that particular panel is a standard Apple-provided element, and in order for us to change it, we pretty much have to write our own – that’s certainly not impossible, or maybe even particularly difficult, but in terms of overall benefit to the Eggplant user community, it’s a pretty small return for the effort.

The best chance of a feature like this getting in is if we decide we have enough useful changes to make a complete overhaul of the panel worthwhile – it then becomes fairly simple to incorporate changes that, while they may be useful, aren’t compelling enough by themselves to warrant otherwise reinventing the wheel. Believe me, I make lots of suggestions that fall in that category.