Faster way to abort a script after AutoDoctor engaged?

When testing and debugging Eggplant scripts, I’ve noticed that if the AutoDoctor starts up, or if the ImageFound function (with a WaitTime) is executing, the Abort button doesn’t immediately work. If I click Abort, the script won’t actually abort until the AutoDoctor completes or until the ImageFound wait time ends. It’s not that big a deal, but I was wondering if there is a faster way to abort the script instead of having to wait for the function to finish?


You make some great suggestions. Unfortunately you are pretty much doing what it’s expected that you should do.

[list]Aborting the image not found panel (via script abort) is definitely an addition we can make.
ImageFound should be aborting before the FULL time expires, but like most of the commands it completes it’s search of the screen before aborting[/list:u]

Ok, thanks for the reply.