fail to recognize script from other suites when run from CLI

Update: I provided the DefaultDocumentDirectory = “path to testPlant suites” to my CLI command and the scripts from other suites seems to be working now. Interestingly now even after I remove that additional parameter I don’t have the original issue that I mentioned below.


When I run eggPlant from CLI, it’s failing to recognize calls made to scripts from other suites. Could not find in the forum any existing threads on this. I am using 11.03 version of eggPlant in Windows.

Below is the part of the code from the main.script residing in SuiteA
and calling Setup.script residing in SuiteB

This works fine when running eggPlant from GUI.

Set the initialSuites to (“helper.suite”, “configuration.suite”)

//Initialize by calling setup script from configuration suite

Here is the console output to execution:

Eggplant (11.03-1110092140) running in CLI mode on Host:0.
2011-11-17 16:44:02.138 Eggplant[4184] reported exception - NAME:Script Failed REASON:STUnknownMessage:
ERROR: No Such Command: ‘setup’ INFO:{CallStack = ("(Handler:“test”, Line:“24”, MeObjectID:“C:/testPlant/main.suite/Scripts/test.script”, MessageName:“on_test”, MessageType:“Command”, objectType:“SenseTalkFrame”, RepeatIndex:“0”, ScriptObjectID:“C:/testPlant/main.suite/Scripts/test.script”, TryDepth:“0”)"); OtherButton = “”; ScriptError = “Runtime Error at line 24: STUnknownMessage - ERROR: No Such Command: ‘setup’”; }
2011-11-17 16:44:02.638 Eggplant[4184] Completed EggplantTestScript main.suite - test.script