Executing a batch file on SUT

Is there a way to execute a batch file on the SUT? I’ve looked through the File manipulation section and don’t see an obvious commeand.

Thank You

Generally speaking the answer to “How do I do on the SUT?” is “Exactly the way a user would”. In otherwords, script something using the GUI to launch a terminal or double-click on a batch file.

Alternatively, if you want a more direct way to start a batch file execution process you will need some form of remote shell access to the machine (SSH, Telnet, RSH, etc). The VNC server only provide GUI level access. Once you have shell access you can use the shell() command in Sensetalk to start a remote shell and specify a command to execute.

Here is an example that I use to grab a remote directory listing (the login happens automatically using SSH’s public key sharing).

put shell("ssh mediaMac.local 'ls -la' ")