Error when using collectionFilter

Hi. I am working on an Eggplant test suite and I have run into the following problem.

I am capturing images for a web-based GUI and need to have different images for IE versus Firefox. In some cases I am using image collections and I intend to use the collectionFilter to only match images for the browser being used in the current test run.

However, I keep running into the following error:

Wed, 1/16/08 10:12:55 AM	FAILURE	Screen_Error.tiff	NSRangeException *** -[NSPathStore2 substringFromIndex:]: Range or index out of bounds

I have this happening both when I use

Set the collectionFilter to (Name: "FF2.0")

at the top of my script. Or explicitly in the command like:

Click (image:"/afs/",collectionFilter:(Name:"FF2.0"))

I tried experimenting with a couple things and it seems like it may be the path to my image is too long. If I move the suite onto a local drive, closer to the root of the drive, it seems to work. Has anyone else encountered this kind of behavior?