Error Screen Capture


We have been having an issue with the newest eggplant when it takes a snapshot of the screen when a script errors. This used to work and show us the screenshot of device. Now though, about 60% of the time it will display a black screenshot of the device. This is very unusual and is quite annoying when trying to figure out the issue of the script.

Is this to do something with the type of remote client we are using possibly? Are there any know issues to the remote clients you guys support? The only reference to this in your forums is this link: which appears to of never been solved. A screenshot can be posted, but it’s just a black screenshot with the viewer window menu bar.

What could this be? We are not initiating the screen capture, eggplant does this on it’s own, which is very helpful, when it works. Any ideas?

The screen capture when a script fails is actually the buffer that eggPlant was looking at when the failure occurred. So the problem is not that it is capturing a black screen, it’s that the screen went black.

Is this to do something with the type of remote client we are using possibly?

This might be an easier question to answer if you told us what remote client you are using.

You could try putting the TraceScreen command in your script:

TraceScreen On/Off

which causes eggPlant to take a screenshot immediately before each action against the SUT. This would show you a) whether eggPlant might be intermittently saving black screens (which we would want to know about) and b) whether the screen goes black right before the last action fails (as I suspect is the case.)