Error resolving reverse host

Hi, i need help :frowning:

I have problem to connect my vnc viewer listener on port 5500 form osxvnc.
My vncviewer listener is on windows machine.

I try to connect and this is a response :

/Applications/ -connectHost -connectPort 5500
2005-11-29 15:03:20.693 OSXvnc-server[231] Arguments: -connectHost -connectPort 5500
2005-11-29 15:03:20.695 OSXvnc-server[231] Note: No password file specified, running with no authentication
2005-11-29 15:03:20.733 OSXvnc-server[231] Main Bundle: /Applications/
2005-11-29 15:03:20.736 OSXvnc-server[231] Loading Bundle /Applications/
2005-11-29 15:03:20.741 OSXvnc-server[231] Keyboard Loading - Disabled
2005-11-29 15:03:20.748 OSXvnc-server[231] Press Modifiers For Character - Disabled
2005-11-29 15:03:20.767 OSXvnc-server[231] Running in Big Endian
2005-11-29 15:03:20.773 OSXvnc-server[231] Error resolving reverse host No address associated with nodename
2005-11-29 15:03:20.774 OSXvnc-server[231] Waiting for clients
2005-11-29 15:03:20.776 OSXvnc-server[231] Registering Rendezvous Service(_rfb._tcp.) - ibook-g4-di-esterno2.local
2005-11-29 15:03:20.776 OSXvnc-server[231] Rendezvous(_vnc._tcp) - Disabled
2005-11-29 15:03:20.779 OSXvnc-server[231] IPv6: Started Listener Thread on port 5901
2005-11-29 15:03:20.780 OSXvnc-server[231] Started Listener Thread on port 5901

what is : Error resolving reverse host No address associated with nodename ?

tnx in advance.

The Reverse Connect (-connectHost feature) is not working properly with IPv4 addresses in version 1.61.

If you need reverse connect we recommend going back to version 1.5.
We expect to have a patch shortly for OSXvnc.

Version 1.5 work fine.