Enabling SSH in Eggplant on Windows

Hello, new Eggplant user here.

First the good things out of the way and to get some praise into the forum: So far Eggplant has been a blast to work with. The time i need to create an remote test is so much smaller with Eggplant that with the various other tools i tried (AHK, AutoIT3, Sikuli,…)

There are a few bits i still don’t understand even after re-reading the pdf’s:

How exactly do i enable ssh support for eggplant on the SUT if it is a windows box?
I have tried putty and teraterm (both suggested by openssh.com) but no luck.

According to the pdf (Eggplant Reference, p.14) i need to start Eggplant with

defaults write Eggplant SSHTaskPath "Path to your SSH tool"

But the optione to enable “Connect Securely(SSH)” does never appear.

I used the following command in a bunch of different variations and under different users:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Eggplant\Eggplant_hide.bat defaults write Eggplant SSHTaskPath "C:\Users\User\Desktop\putty\putty.exe"

Any suggestions or ideas what i have done wrong?