Eggplant won't run when background licenses are active

I know that my co-worker has mentioned this to you folks before and that you can’t reproduce the problem. But I see it too.

We have listeners on our Macs that wait for a job to come in. When the job does come in, Eggplant’s runscript gets called and the Eggplant test starts running. Works perfectly.

If there are a bunch of jobs hanging out in our system waiting for a Mac to pick them up, here’s what happens.

I turn on my Mac. Part of the boot process starts up the listeners. By the time I get interactive control of the Mac, the listeners have all fired off the background Eggplant jobs (and they are running great), I cannot start interactive Eggplant. I click on the Eggplant icon and I am either ignored, or I am given one of of those, oh so helpful error -1701, or something. Pardon the sarcasm, you know what I mean about those Mac errors though. :slight_smile:

If I have an interactive Eggplant running and then the listeners pick up the jobs, everything is fine.

If I had Eggplant running and then the background jobs started up, and then I quit Eggplant interactive, I cannot get back in.

I must kill all the running background jobs in order to get back in to Eggplant interactive.

This is a known conflict with Eggplant and the Apple Launch Services. Unfortunately we don’t have an easy way to correct this behavior.

However the workaround is to make multiple copies of the Eggplant application, have the runscripts call one copy and launch a separate one for your interactive session(s). (It can’t be an alias or symbolic link, launch services will see through that).